Maintenance Update

We are happy to announce a maintenance release of Ωnyx 1.0. We are grateful for your positive feedback, which allowed us removing a couple of bugs in the former version. Particularly, we must mention that there were problems reported concerning the counting of degrees of freedoms when a saturated means structure was chosen. This issue was fixed. Also, some issues concerned drag&drop with definition variables, fullscreen mode in Unix, issues with mean structures in the export to sem-package, and issues with  reciprocal, asymmetric paths. All these were fixed.

For your convenience, we have added two new features. First, copy&paste now has two flavors: „Paste“ and „paste and rename“. The former pastes copied variables and paths with the same name while „paste and rename“ makes the pasted names of variables and paths unique. Furthermore, we have a new wizard that allows you to quickly create Latent Differential Equation models. See Steven Boker’s work for more details. You can find the wizard in the menu „Create new model“.

So long!