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    Hi everyone,

    I’m trying to import a covariance matrix into Onyx and I’m following the instructions on the manual (Oertzen, 2014): „Covariance data sets have to contain the keyword COVARIANCE, followed by an array of K ×K numbers for K variables containing the covariance matrix of the observed data. The covariance can be written fully or in lower left triangular format. The covariance data set may additionally specify means with the keyword MEAN followed by a single row of K mean values. If no means are given, means are assumed to be zero. The keyword SAMPLE SIZE followed by a single integer number can be used to specify the number of participants. By default, this value is one in a covariance data set. Finally, the keyword OBSERVED VARIABLES followed by K tab-separated character strings can be used to specify the names of the variables. Only the keyword COVARIANCE is required. The keywords can appear in any order.“

    My covariance matrix (with the keywords included) is in an excel file and I’m saving it as either coma delimited or tab delimited. Then I try to load this file into onyx by clicking on „load model or data“ on the „onyx“ menu.

    Have anyone done this before?
    Could someone post an example of how the file to be imported into Onyx should be structured?

    Here’s a list of things I’ve tried so far with no success:
    – I’ve tried using coma delimited files and tab delimited files.
    – I’ve tried making the key words (COVARIANCE, OBSERVED VARIABLES, MEAN, and SAMPLE SIZE) capitalized and not capitalized, under quotes and not under quotes.
    – I’ve tried switching the order of the keywords.
    – I’ve tried including only the keyword COVARIANCE to see if a simple example would work.

    Thank you very much for the Help!

    ​Ralph Albuquerque

    Oertzen, T. von, A. M. Brandmaier, and S. Tsang. 2014. Ωnyx.


    In response to your query, I have added a new bullet in the FAQ. Please find the answer here: http://onyx.brandmaier.de/faqs/how-can-i-use-a-covariance-matrix-with-onyx/

    Here is an example covariance matrix file:

    5 21
    8 3 40
    9 9 17 20
    age education cognition brain
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