New interface features in Ωnyx (Version 0.9-584)

Today, we are happy to announce a new release of Onyx. This update brings you some extra candy! We introduced a feature that we call direct type. This allows you to edit path values by entering the desired value on your keyboard while your mouse points to the desired edge. No additional click is required. Also, we fixed the issue of non-draggable labels on covariance paths.
Furthermore, you can use the up and down key to change the curvature of covariance paths. This allows you to neatly arrange more complex graphs and, particularly, allows you to flip paths:

Also, we now support Pseudo-LaTeX input. This enables you to use path labels with subscripts, superscripts, and lower-case greek letters. Labels are interpreted as Pseudo LaTeX if they start with a dollar sign (‚$‘), e.g., $\sigma^2_{X1} or $\rho_{\omega}.